University of Haifa
You are cordially invited to attend a
	S p e c i a l   C o l l o q u i u m
at the Caesarea Rothschild Institute at the University of Haifa
 Speaker:    Prof. Francesca Rossi  (University of Padova)
 Date/Time:  Tuesday 18 June 2013 at 12:15 (coffee at 12:00 noon)
 Place:	     Room 665 Education Building -- University of Haifa
Title:	     "Restricted Manipulation in Iterative Voting: Condorcet
		Efficiency and Borda Score"
	In collective decision making, where a voting rule is used to take
a collective decision among a group of agents, manipulation by one or more
agents is usually considered negative behavior to be avoided, or at least to
be made computationally difficult for the agents to perform. However, there
are scenarios in which a restricted form of manipulation can instead be
beneficial. In this talk we consider the iterative version of several voting
rules, where at each step one agent is allowed to manipulate by modifying
his ballot according to a set of restricted manipulation moves which are
computationally easy and require little information to be performed. We
prove convergence of iterative voting rules when restricted manipulation is
allowed, and we present experiments showing that iterative restricted
manipulation yields a positive increase in the Condorcet efficiency and
Borda score for a number of standard voting rules.
Biography: Prof. Francesca Rossi is one of Italy's leading researchers in
artificial intelligence with broad international recognition.  She is an
AAAI Fellow, an ECCAI Fellow, has served on a long list of program
committees and is this year's program chair of IJCAI-2013. She is on the
editorial boards of several journals and is an Associate Editor of the
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. She will also be speaking
(on a different topic) later this week at the BISFAI Conference
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