Tel Aviv University
Dear all,
This week at the Horowitz seminar on Probability, Ergodic Theory and
Dynamical Systems at Tel Aviv University we are happy to have:
Speaker: Elchanan Mossel, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Robust Optimality of Gaussian Noise Stability
Date: Monday, June 17
Time: 14:30
Place: Schreiber 309
In 1985 C. Borell proved that under the Gaussian measure, half-spaces
are the most stable sets. I will present two new proofs of this
result. The first proof solves a long standing open problem by
showing that half-spaces are the unique optimizers. It also provides
quantitative dimension independent versions of uniqueness, showing
that a set which is almost optimally noise stable must be close to a
half-space. This has a number of application in theoretical computer
science and social choice. The first proof also allows to answer a
long standing open problem by Ledoux. The second proof is proved by
induction on dimension in the discrete cube which allows to derive a
proof of "Majority is Stablest" in the "Sum of Squares Proof System"
thus aswering a recent question regarding semi-definite relaxations.
Based on joint works with J. Neeman and Anindya De.
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