Hebrew University
The 20th Amitsur Memorial Symposium will be held in the Einstein Institute
of Mathematics in the Hebrew University on MONDAY and TUESDAY of next week,
the 17th and 18th of June 2013.
Talks will be delivered by: 

C.S. Aravinda (Tata Institute)
Miriam Cohen (Ben Gurion University)
Arye Juhasz (Technion)
Tali Kaufman (Bar Ilan)
Stuart Margolis (Bar Ilan)
Ori Parzanchevski (Hebrew University)
Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)
Eliyahu Rips (Hebrew University)
Jack Sonn (Technion)
James Wilson (Colorado State University)
For the detailed programme, see
(Note that on that site, there is an error. The symposium is NOT
on Wednesday and Thursday as currently announced there. Presumably
this will soon be fixed.)
Coordinators: Avinoam Mann  <(mann@ma.huji.ac.il),> Aner Shalev
All are welcome, no registration is necessary.
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