Tel Aviv University, Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date:       Tuesday June 04, 2013, 15:10
Place:      Schreiber Bldg, Room 309
Speaker: David Holcman, Ecole Normale Superieure
Title: DNA looping, telomere organization and dynamics of DNA locus:
from modeling to data analysis
The nuclear organization remains partially understood and physical
principles remain elusive. Polymer models play a central role in
modeling DNA dynamic. I will present recent progress to estimate DNA
looping in free and confined environment, the search for a small
target by a DNA locus and finally telomere organization in small
cluster in yeast. Methods are based on a stochastic approach of
polymer physics, asymptotic analysis in high dimensional space, the
narrow escape theory and stochastic simulations for extracting
information from live cell images.
We obtain estimates for the confinement sub-domain of a DNA locus
extracted from chromosomal capture data. We access the invivo binding
constant of telomeres in Yeast and finally we determine the polymer
properties near a DNA locus during a dsDNA break.
N.Hoze, C. Amuroso, M. Ruault, A Taddei, D. Holcman, Dynamics of
telomere clustering in the nucleus, Molecular Biology of the Cell,
(in press) 2013
N. Hoze A., D. Holcman, Coagulation-fragmentation for a finite number
of particles and application to telomere clustering in the yeast
nucleus, Physics Letters A,376, 6-7, 845-849, 2012.
A. Amitai, I. Kupka D. Holcman, Computation of the Mean
First-Encounter Time Between the Ends of a Polymer Chain, PRL 109,
108302, (2012).
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