Tel Aviv University
Hello everyone,
The next colloquium talk will be held on:
Monday, 3/6/2013, 12:15, Schreiber 006, Tel Aviv University.
Speaker: Rolf Schneider (University of Freiburg)
Title: Tensor valuations on convex bodies
The abstract is given below. Tea and coffee at 12:00, same room.
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Abstract: One of the best known theorems of classical convex geometry is
Hadwiger's characterization theorem. It says that any continuous motion
invariant real valuation on the space of convex bodies in $n$-dimensional
Euclidean space is a linear combination of the intrinsic volumes. The latter
arise as coefficients in the Steiner polynomial for the volume of a parallel body.
This approach has been generalized in different ways: local parallel sets
lead to curvature measures, replacement of the volume by higher order
moments leads to tensor valuations. In both cases, analogues of Hadwiger's
characterization theorem have been proved. The subject of the talk is a
common generalization. We give a complete classification of tensor
measure valued valuations on convex bodies with some basis properties, like
isometry covariance and weak continuity. (This is joint work with Daniel
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