Tel Aviv University
Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date:       Tuesday May 28, 2013, 15:10
Place:      Schreiber Bldg, Room 309
Speaker: Yanqiu Guo, Weizmann institute
Title: Persistency of analyticity for nonlinear wave equations and
the cubic Szego equation
Gevrey classes were introduced by Maurice Gevrey in 1918 to
generalize real analytic functions. Functions of Gevrey classes can
be characterized by an exponential decay of their Fourier
coefficients. This characterization has been proved useful for
studying analytic solutions of various nonlinear PDEs, since the work
by Foias and Temam (1989) on the Navier-Stokes equations. We use this
technique to investigate the persistency of spatial analyticity for
nonlinear wave equations (joint work with Edriss S. Titi), and the
cubic Szego equation (joint work with Patrick Gerard and Edriss S.
Titi). An advantage of this method is that it provides a lower bound
for the radius of the spatial analyticity of the solutions.
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