University of  Haifa
      Second International Workshop
    "Geometry and Symbolic Computations"
            16 - 17 of May, 2013
        University of Haifa, Israel
   Organizer: Vladimir Rovenski
   Scientific Commettee: Vladimir Rovenski (Israel), Vladimir
   Golubyatnikov (Russia), Pawel Walczak (Poland)
This Workshop is dedicated to modeling (using symbolic
calculations) in Geometry and its Applications.
The proceedings are proposed to be published.
 A. Modeling and symbolic computations in geometry.
 B. Applications of geometry (computer science, in tomography,
    mechanics, etc).
 C. Posters.
The workshop is fee free.
The following speakers have agreed to participate in the Workshop:
   N. Abiev (Kazakhstan)
   A. Arvanitoyeorgos (Greece)
   A. Borisenko (Ukraine)
   I. Gaissinsky (Israel)
   V. Gol'dshtein (Israel)
   V. Golubyatnikov (Russia)
   Y. Levy (Israel)
   Y. Nikonorov (Russia)
   B. Opozda (Poland)
   V. Sherbaum (Israel)
   P. Siasos (Greece)
   P. Walczak (Poland)
   A. Yampolsky (Ukraine)
   Y. Yomdin (Israel)
   L. Zelenko (Israel)
The first International Workshop in this series, named
"Reconstruction of Geometrical Objects Using Symbolic
Computations", was on September 2008, University of Haifa, see
You are asked to register by sending e-mail to Vladimir
Rovenski   <>  with the Title and
Abstracts of proposed lecture or/and poster.
The Second Announcement (including the topics in the program
and the invited speakers, travel information etc) will be
distributed in the same way as this First Announcement.
*For interested guests we plan the possibility of one day
excursion (by appropriate tourist company).
This workshop is supported by the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de
Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary
Applications of Computer Science at the University of Haifa.
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