The  Weizmann  Institute  of  Science
                  Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
                 Mathematical Analysis and Applications Seminar
                     Lecture Hall, Room 1, Ziskind Building
                           on Sunday, April 28, 2013
                                 16:00 - 17:00
                            PLEASE NOTE UNUSUAL TIME
                              Alexei A. Mailybaev
            Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada - IMPA
                                 will speak on
    Bifurcations of blowup in inviscid shell models of convective turbulence
We analyze the blowup (finite-time singularity) in inviscid shell models of
convective turbulence. We show that the blowup exists and its internal
structure undergoes a series of bifurcations under a change of shell model
parameter. Various blowup structures are observed and explained, which vary
from self-similar to periodic, quasi-periodic and chaotic regimes. Though the
blowup takes sophisticated forms, its asymptotic small-scale structure is
independent of initial conditions, i.e., universal. Finally, we discuss
implications of the obtained results for the open problems of blowup in
inviscid flows and for the theory of turbulence.
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