CGGC seminar (talk #204)
 Date: Sunday 21/04/2013
 Time: 13:00
 Room: Taub 337
Speaker: Myung-Soo Kim (School of Computer Science and Engineering,
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea)
Title: Compact Data Structures and Efficient Algorithms for Freeform
Geometric Models under Deformation
We present real-time algorithms for various geometric operations
(collision detection, minimum and Hausdorff distance computation,
surface-surface intersection, convex hull and distance field
generation) on freeform geometric models including NURBS curves and
These algorithms are based on bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) for
freeform shapes, which are considerably more compact than
conventional ones for mesh models. For static NURBS models, we often
require 1000 times smaller memory space than usual,
while observing only a slight degradation of computing speed. A big
challenge is how to deal with freeform geometric shapes
under continuous deformation. We introduce dynamic bounding volume
hierarchies (DBVHs) for these deformable shapes,
which assume virtually no preprocessing and thus no extra space for
storing the prebuilt data structures. We demonstrate
the effectiveness of our approach using several application
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Technion Math. Net (TECHMATH)
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