Tel Aviv University
Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date:       Tuesday April 09, 2013, 15:10
Place:      Schreiber Bldg, Room 309
Speaker: Zeev Zalevsky, Bar Ilan University
Title: Super-resolved near field and remote sensing
Digital imaging systems as well as human vision system have limited
capability for separation of spatial features. Therefore, the imaging
resolution is limited. The reasons to this limitation are related to
the effect of diffraction i.e. the finite dimensions of the imaging
optics, the geometry of the sensing array and its sensitivity as well
as the axial position of the object itself which may be out of focus.
In this talk I will present novel photonic approaches and means to
exceed the above mentioned limitations existing in the vision science
and eventually to allow us having super resolved imaging providing
improved lateral and axial capabilities for separation of spatial
I will also show how to use special photonic means for remote sensing
of speech as well as of biomedical parameters such as blood pulse
pressure, heart beats, glucose concentration, intraocular pressure
The talk will involve not only presentation of special optical
hardware but also discussion of various super resolving associated
image processing algorithms.
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