Department of Mathematics   University of Haifa
Reading Seminar on Topological Modular Forms
Speaker: Debasis Sen, University of Haifa
Title:    Elliptic Genera (cont.)
Date:    Sunday, March 10, 2013
Place:   Room 614 of the Science & Education Building, Univ. of Haifa
Time:     15:10   (one hour later than previously announced).
A  *genus* is a homomorphism from a cobordism theory to some ring -
the simplest example is the *signature* of a 4n-dimensional closed
manifold. In 1987 Serge Ochanine defined the notion of an *elliptic
genus*, which led to the notion of elliptic cohomology.  This time we will
see how the Landweber Exact Functor theorem is used to construct the
cohomology theory.
Note:  The planned meeting was postponed from March 3, 2013.  The new
meeting will also serve as the organizational meeting for the seminar
for the new semester.
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