Hebrew University
Amitsur Algebra Seminar
Time: Thursday, March 7, 12:00-13:15
Place: math 209
Speaker: Liran Shaul (Weizmann)
Title: Rigid dualizing complexes over commutative adic rings
We study rigid dualizing complexes in the category of adic rings.
First, we recall the notions of derived categories, dualizing
complexes, the Greenlees-May duality and rigid dualizing complexes.
To develop the theory of rigid dualizing complexes over adic rings,
we first extend the Greenlees-May duality to the category of
DG-algebras. Next, we study Kahler differentials over adic rings.
We establish the local structure of smooth maps in the category of
adic rings. 
We use certain DG-algebra resolutions, called addically free
resolutions, to study the derived relative torsion functor.
Finally, we use the above theory to establish existence, uniqueness
and functoriality of rigid dualizing complexes over a base ring which
is regular and noetherian.
Based on PhD thesis written under supervision of Prof. Amnon
You are cordially invited!
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