"Discrete structures and related techniques from stochastic analysis"
Workshop (spring probability school) at the Technion, Haifa, March
4-8, 2013.
The workshop is  organized by Leonid Mytnik (Technion) and Achim
Klenke (Mainz).
The goal of the workshop is  to introduce young researchers
(especially PhD students and postdocs) to recent developments
in population genetic models, branching processes,  Gaussian free
field, random graphs and other related topics.
The speakers include:   I. Benjamini, A. Wakolbinger, A. Sturm,
O.Zeitouni, N. Berger,
T. Duquesne, N. Gantert, D. Ioffe, A. Winter.
We have some limited resources to support accommodation and traveling
for PhD students and postdocs (from Israel and abroad).
For further details (including registration, accommodation, etc.) see
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