CGGC seminar (talk #198)
Date: Sunday 27/01/2013
Time: 13:00
Room: Taub 337
Speaker: Maks Ovsjanikov (École Polytechnique, France)
Title: Functional Maps: A Flexible Representation of Maps Between
This talk discuss a representation of maps between pairs of 3D shapes
(represented as triangle meshes) that generalizes the standard notion
of a map to include correspondences that are not necessarily
point-to-point. This representation is compact, and yet allows for
efficient inference (shape matching) and enables a number of
applications, including algebraic map manipulation such as computing
map sums and differences.
The key aspect of this representation is that many constraints on a
map, including landmark correspondences, part preservation and
operator commutativity  become linear. This means, in particular,
that shape matching can be phrased as a simple linear system of
I will describe the main properties of this representation and give a
few examples of applications that include improving existing
correspondence, segmentation transfer without establishing
point-to-point matches and efficient map compression and
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