Please note that this seminar has been rescheduled. It will be held on Jan. the 20th
CGGC seminar (talk #197)
Date: Sunday 20/01/2013
(a week later than previously announced).
Time: 13:00
Room: Taub 337
Speaker: Renjie Chen (Computer Science, Technion)
Title: Localizing the Delaunay Triangulation and its Parallel
The Delaunay triangulation and its dual, the Voronoi diagram, are
among the most fundamental structures in computational geometry. We
show how to localize the Delaunay triangulation of a given planar
point set, namely, bound the set of points which are possible
Delaunay neighbors of a given point. We then exploit this observation
in an algorithm for constructing the Delaunay triangulation (and its
dual Voronoi diagram) by computing the Delaunay neighbors (and
Voronoi cell) of each point independently. While this does not lead
to the fastest serial algorithm possible for Delaunay triangulation,
it does lead to an efficient parallelization strategy which achieves
almost perfect speedups on multicore machines.
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