Technion, IEM faculty - Seminar in Probability and Stochastic Processes
Speaker: Piotr Milos, University of Warsaw
Title: Heavy-tailed branching L\'evy motion in in-homogenous potential.
Date: 15/01/2013
Time: 11:30
Place: Hashmal-861
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In my talk I will present results concerning a branching system as
follows. Particles evolve according to a Levy motion with heavy tails.
They branch according to dyadic branching law. We consider three
different regimes of the branching rate:
- constant, then the size system grows exponentially. The speed of the
right-most particle differs from
- \beta \log, then the size of the system grows as exp(exp(\beta/(e \alpha)t)),
- \log^{1+\epsilon}, then almost surely the system explodes, i.e.
produces infinite number of particles in finite time.
These are joint results with Simon Harris (University of Bath)
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