Bar-Ilan Algebra Seminar
Date: Wednesday, 27 Tevet 5773 // January 9, 2013  
Time: 10:30 am promptly
Place: Third floor seminar room, Mathematics building
Speaker:  Dr. Anton Khoroshkin (Stony Brook University)
Title: Shuffle operads and pattern avoidance
An algebra of some type is a set with some operations on it.
Let us remove the underlying set, what remains is the collection of
all operations one can define. 
This collection with the prescribed rules of composition is what one
calls an operad.
In this talk I will explain the notion of operads and the theory of
monomials for operads.
The combinatorics of monomials in operads is governed by avoidance
In particular, the Hilbert series of dimensions of certain class of
operads coincides
with the generating series of permutations avoiding a given set of
I will state several general results and conjectures about the class
of generating series for monomial operads
providing some computational algorithms for these series.
The talk is based on joint works with V.Dotsenko, B.Shapiro and
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