Tel Aviv University, Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date:       Tuesday January 08, 2013, 15:10
Place:      Schreiber Bldg, Room 309
Speaker: Shamgar Gurevich,  University of Wisconsin ~V Madison
Title: Multi-Target Radar Detection with Almost Linear Complexity
We would like to know the distances to moving objects and their
velocities. The radar system is built to fulfill this task. The radar
transmits a waveform S which bounces back from the objects and the
echo R is received. In practice we can work in the digital model,
namely S and R are sequences of N complex numbers (e.g., N=1023).
Design S, and an effective method of extracting, using S and R, the
distances and velocities of all targets.
In many applications, the current sequences S which are used are
pseudo-random and the algorithm they support takes O(NēlogN)
arithmetic operations. In the lecture we will introduce the
Heisenberg sequences, and a much faster detection algorithm called
the Cross Method. It solves the Radar Problem in O(NlogN+mē)
operations for m objects.
This is a joint work with A. Fish (Math, Sydney), A. Sayeed (EE,
Madison), K. Scheim (General Motors, Herzeliya), O. Schwartz (EECS,
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