Seminar in Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization
Speaker:  Aviv Gibali
          Fraunhofer Institute, Kaiserslautern
Title:    Navigation and Decision-Making in Multicriteria Optimization
          for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
Time:     Sunday, December 30, 2012, at 14:30
Place:    Room 814, Amado Mathematics Building


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Multicriteria Optimization (MCO) Problems are problems that involve several optimization
criteria and it is possible that these criteria can contradict each other. Cancer
radiotherapy treatment is one example, where we wish to maximize the amount of cancer tissue
exposed to radiation treatment while minimizing radiation exposure of healthy organs and,
clearly, there is no easy compromise between both criteria. Since, in general there exists no
feasible solution that optimizes all criteria, the goal is to find solutions ("efficient
solutions") in which no criteria can be improved without worsening any other criteria.
Finally, the Decision-Maker chooses a decision based on the information obtained concerning
the "efficient solutions". Our research is focused on generating and navigating solutions,
that is, exploring different possibilities and their respective compromises in order to
support the Decision-Maker in his choice.

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