Applications of analysis: game theory, spectral theory and beyond
A workshop in honor of Yakar Kannai's 70th birthday will take place
at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot) on December 25-27,
Invited speakers include:
 *  Shmuel Agmon
 *  Robert Yisrael Aumann
 *  Richard Beals
 *  Matanya Ben-Artzi
 *  Alexandre Girouard
 *  Peter Greiner
 *  Werner Hildenbrand
 *  Bezalel Peleg
 *  Alexei Penskoi
 *  Yehuda Pinchover
 *  Victor Polterovich
 *  Roberto Raimondo
 *  Joachim Rosenmueller
 *  Martin Shubik
 *  Uzy Smilansky
 *  Michael Solomyak
 *  Cyril Tintarev
 *  Shlomo Weber
The workshop will include a colloquium talk by the Nobel Prize winner
Robert Yisrael Aumann, titled "Modern Economic Theory in the Talmud".
For details and the inscription form follow the link
or write to Gizel Maimon or Yaeli Malka
Organizers: Iosif Polterovich (Universit\'e de Montr\'eal) and Sergei
Yakovenko (Weizmann Institute of Science)

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