Tel Aviv University, Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date:       Tuesday December 18, 2012, 15:10
Place:      Schreiber Bldg, Room 309
Speaker: Michael Sever, Hebrew University
Title: A Continuation of weak solutions of hyperbolic systems of
conservation laws
An argument, well short of a complete proof, is given that the Cauchy
problem for nonlinear, hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in
more than one space dimension and time, is in general not well posed.
Consideration of continuation of weak solutions of a simple form as
the initial data is varied leads to a seemingly necessary estimate on
the space of test functions determining the weak solution. Attempt to
obtain such an estimate is seen to require an admissibility condition
on discontinuities.
We postulate such an admissibility condition. In one space dimension,
familiar conditions are recovered, but in general the condition
cannot be expected in higher dimensions. Nonetheless, we show that
shocks can be admissible in this sense for reduced, relativistic
Euler systems.
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