CGGC seminar (talk #193)        *** M.Sc. Talk ***
Date:    Sunday 18/11/2012
Time:    1:00 pm
Room:    Taub 337
Speaker: Nadav Shragai (Computer Science, Technion)
Title: Geometric Covering
Covering questions emerge in many disciplines and are closely
related to the well known set-cover problem in computer
science. Similarly, geometric covering is of great importance
and yet has only been investigated in seemingly unrelated
specific disciplines. Examples include the well known
art-gallery problem, mold-design problems, inspection,
security and surveillance problems.
In this thesis, we present a single unified framework that can
solve many of the above geometric covering queries. The
suggested framework reduces a geometric covering query to the
classic computer science set-covering problem.
The solution is of exponential complexity due to the inherent
complexity of the classic set-covering problem.  However, in
practice, we are able to efficiently offer almost optimal
solutions for small scale problems of several covering
Finally, using the portrayed framework, we demonstrate results
on mold-design in manufacturing and security.
This talk summarizes the M.Sc. research of the speaker under the
supervision of Prof. Gershon Elber.
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