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Flows on homogeneous spaces
Minerva summer school
Department of Mathematics, Technion, Haifa
Sunday, September 2 to Friday, September 7, 2012
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We hope to see you there,
Uri, Francoise & Roman
The goal of this Minerva summer school is to introduce young researchers
and PhD-students to the dynamics of homogeneous flows including some
very recent developments. We will focus on actions of algebraic groups
on homogeneous spaces of finite invariant measure. There will also be
thorough background lectures on ergodic theory, algebraic groups and the
rich theory describing their interplay.
This summer school is part of and mainly funded by the German-Israeli
Minerva summer school program of the Minerva foundation. Program
There will be 5 lecture series. The first lecture starts Sunday at
10:00, and the last lecture ends Friday before lunch. The lectures
series are:
Alex Furman (UIC, Chicago) 	Introduction to ergodic theory
Alex Gorodnik (University of Bristol) 	Ergodic Theory and Algebraic Varieties
Manfred Einsiedler (ETH Zürich) 	Flows on surfaces
                                	Ratner's measure classification theorem
Jean Francois Quint (Universite Paris 13) 	Stationary measures on homogeneous spaces
In addition, there will be two special lectures by Elon Lindenstrauss.
    Uri Bader (Technion, Haifa)
    Francoise Dal'Bo (Universit\'e Rennes)
    Roman Sauer (Universit\"at Regensburg)
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