Bar-Ilan Algebra Seminar
Date: THURSDAY, 14 Av 5772 // August 2, 2012  
Time: 10:30 am promptly
Place: Third floor seminar room, Mathematics building
Speaker:  Prof. Boris M. Schein (University of Arkansas)
Title:  Infinitesimal bases and transitive representations of inverse
Every group is isomorphic to a group of permutations of a suitable
set. Groups form a subclass of the class of inverse semigroups, the
most important class of semigroups besides groups. 
Not every inverse semigroup is isomorphic to a transitive inverse
semigroup of partial one-to-one transformations of a set. The problem
of describing those inverse semigroups that admit such an isomorphism
was raised in 1952.  The speaker presents a new solution to this
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