Haifa, Israel
3-5 July 2012
17th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education
    ITiCSE 2013
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The venues of various conference activities will be in various buildings
on the Technion campus.
ITiCSE 2012 is among the official Centenary events of the Alan Turing Year.
All three Keynotes of ITiCSE 2012 will be in conjunction with the Turing Centenary:
July 3, 16:30 (Segoe Auditorium Architecture Building)
Prof. Michael Rabin, a Turing Award winner,
will talk on
"Never too early to begin: Computer Science for high school students".
July 4, 9:00  (Segoe Auditorium Architecture Building)
Prof. Lenore Blum
will talk on
"Alan Turing and the other theory of Computing".
July 5, 9:00 (Segoe Auditorium Architecture Building)
Prof. David Harel
will talk on
"Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant: One Person's Experience of Turing's Impact".
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