From golumbic@cs.haifa.ac.il Thu May  3 12:41:08 2012
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 12:41:09 +0300 (IDT)
From: Prof. Martin Charles Golumbic 
To: Caesarea Rothschild Institute 
Subject: WG-2012 Registration Subsidies for Israeli Students (Ramat Rachel, June 26-28, 2012)and Student Poster submissions

Please forward to your relevant grad students and faculty --

WG-2012 Student Posters and Registration Subsidies for Israeli Students

      38th Int'l Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
      (Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem, June 26-28, 2012)

Full-time graduate students at Israeli Universities may apply for a
in Registration Fees and shared Hotel Accommodation of 50% thanks to grants
from the ICORE-Algorithms and from The Caesarea Rothschild Institute.

To apply for this subsidy, you must apply by email to the
WG2012 Chairs at: wg2012.info@gmail.com with the following:

1. CV and a short description of your thesis research.
2. Name and email of your advisor.
3. If you are applying for Registration only or for Registration and Hotel.
	(Hotel subsidies guaranteed only until May 15.)

REMINDER ** Student Poster Submissions:

During WG-2012 there will be an opportunity for students who have papers
accepted to other international refereed conferences discuss a Poster on
their results. Full-time students at Israeli Universities with accepted
posters will receive free registration (from the program above).
	Regular Submission Deadline: May 10, 2012
	Late Submission Deadline:    May 21, 2012
		(Acceptance Confirmation: ongoing)

All areas of discrete mathematics, graph theory and applications relevant
to the topics of WG-2012 participants would be welcome. The number of
posters will be limited. A list of the Poster Titles and their respective
citation will appear in the WG proceedings.

Submissions should be sent by email to the WG2012 Chairs at:
wg2012.info@gmail.com with the following:

1.     Title, short Abstract and Copy of the Paper that was accepted.

2.     Name of the Refereed Conference and copy of the acceptance letter.

3.     Name(s) of the student who will display the poster, and his/her


 WG-2012 Update:

The list of Accepted Papers for WG-2012 is now posted on the workshop
website www.cri.haifa.ac.il and listed below.

** Important dates:

Early Registration: May 15, 2012

Hotel Reservations: May 15, 2012 The block of rooms reserved at the special
	 workshop rate is limited (and guaranteed only until May 15), so
	 participants should plan accordingly and reserve as early as
	 possible at the workshop website www.cri.haifa.ac.il

Pre-workshop(s) in Haifa: June 24-25
WG2012 Workshop in Jerusalem: June 26-28 (reception evening June 25)

Watch www.cri.haifa.ac.il/wg2012 for updates and schedules


** Invited Talks

Dieter Rautenbach (Universität Ulm)
	 "Account on Intervals"

Amitava Bhattacharya (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai)
      	"Alternating Reachability and Integer Sum of Closed Alternating
      *The 3rd Annual Uri N. Peled Memorial Lecture*
	 (sponsored by the Caesarea Rothschild Institute and Univ. of Haifa)

David Peleg (Weizmann Institute of Science)
	 "Constructing Resilient Structures in Graphs:
	 Rigid vs. Competitive Fault-Tolerance"

** Accepted Papers for WG-2012:

Fanica Gavril. Maximum induced multicliques and complete multipartite
subgraphs in polygon-circle and circle graphs

Leah Epstein, Asaf Levin and Gerhard J. Woeginger. The (weighted) metric
dimension of graphs: hard and easy cases

Marek Cygan, Marcin Pilipczuk and Michal Pilipczuk. On group feedback
vertex set parameterized by the size of the cutset

Anne Berry and Annegret Wagler. Triangulation and clique separator
decomposition of claw-free graphs

Stefan Kratsch and Pascal Schweitzer. Graph Isomorphism for Graph Classes
Characterized by two Forbidden Induced Subgraphs

Gilad Braunschvig, Shiri Chechik and David Peleg. Fault Tolerant Additive

Daniel Berend and Amir Sapir. Which Multi-Peg Tower of Hanoi Problems are

Vadim E. Levit, Martin Milanic and David Tankus. On the recognition of
$k$-equistable graphs

Danny Hermelin, Julian Mestre and Dror Rawitz. Optimization Problems in
Dotted Interval Graphs

Carmen Cecilia Centeno, Lucia Draque Penso, Dieter Rautenbach and Vinicius
Gusmao Pereira De Sa. Immediate versus Eventual Conversion: Comparing
Geodetic and Hull Numbers in P_3-Convexity

Nicolas Bousquet, Daniel Gonçalves, George Mertzios, Christophe Paul,
Ignasi Sau and Stéphan Thomassé. Parameterized Domination in Circle Graphs

Christopher Auer, Christian Bachmaier, Franz J. Brandenburg, Andreas
Glei~_ner and Kathrin Hanauer. The Duals of Upward Planar Graphs on

Matthias Mnich and Rico Zenklusen. Bisections Above Tight Lower Bounds

Sven Krumke, Neele Leithäuser and Maximilian Merkert. Approximating
Infeasible 2VPI-Systems

Konstanty Junosza-Szaniawski, Jan Kratochvil, Mathieu Liedloff and Pawe~B
Rz~Eżewski. Determining L(2,1)-Span in Polynomial Space

Haiko Muller. On the Stable Degree of Graphs

Steven Chaplick, Vít Jelínek, Jan Kratochvil and Tomáš Vysko~Mil.
Bend-Bounded Path Intersection Graphs: Sausages, Noodles, and Waffles on a

Tomoya Hibi and Toshihiro Fujito. Multi-Rooted Greedy Approximation of
Directed Steiner Trees with Applications

Petr Golovach, Pinar Heggernes, Pim Van 'T Hof, Fredrik Manne, Daniel
Paulusma and Michal Pilipczuk. How to Eliminate a Graph

Peter Biro, Matthijs Bomhoff, Petr Golovach, Walter Kern and Daniel
Paulusma. Solutions for the Stable Roommates Problem with Payments

Pinar Heggernes, Pim Van 'T Hof, Daniel Marx, Neeldhara Misra and Yngve
Villanger. On the Parameterized Complexity of Finding Separators with
Non-Hereditary Properties

Jérôme Javelle, Mehdi Mhalla and Simon Perdrix. On the Minimum Degree up
Local Complementation: Bounds and Complexity

Sara Brunetti, Gennaro Cordasco, Luisa Gargano, Elena Lodi and Walter
Quattrociocchi. Minimum Weight Dynamo and Fast Opinion Spreading

Emilio Di Giacomo, Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta and Fabrizio
Montecchiani. h-quasi planar Drawings of Bounded Treewidth Graphs in Linear

Pranabendu Misra, Venkatesh Raman, Ramanujan M. S. and Saket Saurabh.
Parameterized Algorithms for Even Cycle Transversal

Lukasz Kowalik and Marcin Mucha. A 9k kernel for nonseparating independent
set in planar graphs

Flavia Bonomo, Gianpaolo Oriolo and Claudia Snels. Minimum weighted clique
cover on strip-composed perfect graphs

Mathew Francis, Daniel Gonçalves and Pascal Ochem. The Maximum Clique
Problem in Multiple Interval Graphs.

Robert H. Sloan, Despina Stasi and Gyorgy Turan. Hydras: Directed
Hypergraphs and Horn Formulas