Technion, IEM faculty - Operations Research seminar
Speaker: Itamar Zaied
Title: (M.Sc. SEMINAR) The Offered Load in Fork-Join Networks
Date: 25/06/2012
Time: 12:30
Place: Bloomfield-527
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The Offered Load in Fork-Join Networks:
Calculations and Applications to Service Engineering of Emergency Department.
M.Sc. Research Thesis
Itamar Zaied
Advisors: Prof. Haya Kaspi and Prof. Avishai Mandelbaum
The Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
In this work, we develop tools to calculate the "Offered Load" of
fork-join networks; we propose mathematical models, analytical
approximations and, finally, a simulation methodology for validation and
extensions beyond the analytically tractable.
A fork-join network is a queueing network where customers are identified
with a collection of tasks that can be processed sequently and in
parallel. The Offered Load is a function that represents the average
amount of work within the system, as a function of time.
Fork-Join networks arise in many applications, and the one that
motivated the present research is Emergency Departments (EDs): here
patients fork into lab test, x-raying and physician check-ups which,
ultimately, must all join in order for the medical process to continue.
We use our calculated Offered Load of ED to solve the capacity-sizing
problem for various ED resources. Specifically, the Offered Load,
combined with the "square root rule", are shown to reduce congestion in
rush hours and stabilize key operation measures over time.
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