Bar-Ilan Algebra Seminar
Date: Wednesday, 9 Sivan 5772 // May 30, 2012
Time: 10:30 am promptly  
Place: Third floor seminar room, Mathematics building
Speaker:  Prof. Gabor Wiese (University of Luxembourg)
Title:  On modular Galois representations modulo prime powers
In the talk we motivate the study of modular Galois
representations modulo prime powers by a natural number
theoretic question. We go on to state and explain a result,
obtained together with Imin Chen and Ian Kiming, about
removing powers of p from the level of a Hecke eigenform
modulo p^m, at the expense of working with so-called dc-weak
(dc = divided congruences).
The annual meeting of the Israel Mathematical Union will take
place at Bar-Ilan this year on Monday, 7 Sivan / May 28.  All
lectures will be in building 507.  Please see 
for the program of the meeting.
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