Bar Ilan University
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Monday 28/5/2012
Dear everybody,
As you (hopefully) know, the Israel Mathematical Union annual
meeting will be held on the coming Monday (28.5), at the Bar
Ilan University.
One of the specialized sessions is on Discrete Mathematics
and Theoretical Computer Science. The session will feature
six talks, by Asaf Shapira (TAU), Tali Kaufman (BIU), Shakhar
Smorodinsky (BGU), Doron Puder (HU), Gil Cohen (WIS) and
Ohad Feldheim (TAU). The full program can be found at:
In addition, at 12:00 there will be a talk by Ran Raz (WIS) on the
PCP theorem, which is also of interest to the Combinatorics/Theory
I would like to ask you to encourage your students to come to
the meeting. I remember that when I was a student, I wasn't aware
of these meetings much, while it is clear that students can benefit
much from coming. Needless to say that if you will come
yourself it will also be nice :)
Nathan Keller
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