Department of Electrical Engineering
                Vincent Meyer Colloquium
Speaker: Professor Robert Ghrist
Title: Topological Methods for Systems and Signals
Date: Wednesday, May 16  at 12:45
Place: Meyer Bldg., Auditorium 1003
[Refreshments at 12:30, the lecture will start at 12:45]
Abstract: This talk will survey some recent advances in a qualitative
approach to signal processing using tools from algebraic topology.
Topology --- the mathematics of qualitative description and
local-to-global inference --- is an ideal tool-set for several
applications in engineering, especially in settings that are
coordinate-free or otherwise employ "minimal" types of data. The
applications surveyed here will span localization, mapping, aggregation,
and optimization in robotics, sensing, and planning.
Short Bio:
Robert Ghrist is the Andrea Mitchell Professor of Mathematics & Electrical/
Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He previously held
tenured positions at Georgia Tech and the University of Illinois. Prof. Ghrist
received a Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering
from President Bush in 2004, and was named to Scientific American"top 50"
for research in 2007. His many contributions focus on contemporary
applied mathematics, especially topological methods, where he has been a
major force in integrating topological thinking into real world technological
Professor Ghrist will also deliver a Mathematics Colloquium
Title: Constructible Sheaves and Data
Date: Monday, May 14 at 15:30
Amado Bldg., Room 232
(Refreshments at 15:00, in the Math Lounge, 8th floor)
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