Bar-Ilan Combinatorics Seminar
(joint with the Math Colloquium)
The next meeting of the seminar (joint with the Math Colloquium) will
take place, IYH,
(when)  Sunday, 21 Iyar (May 13), 12:00-13:00     *** NOTE UNUSUAL
TIME ***
(where) Room 201 (Math & CS Seminar Room), Building 216, Bar-Ilan
(who)    Michael Krivelevich (Tel-Aviv University)
(what)   Positional games
The theory of positional games is a branch of combinatorics, whose
main aim is to develop systematically an extensive mathematical basis
for a variety of two player perfect information games, ranging from
such commonly popular games as Tic-Tac-Toe and Hex to purely abstract
games played on graphs and hypergraphs.
In this talk I will survey basic notions and concepts of positional
games and some recent developments in the field,
putting an emphasis on interconnections between positional games and
other branches of mathematics and computer science, in particular
probabilistic considerations.
You are all invited! Graduate students are especially welcome.
Seminar organizer: Ron Adin   <> 
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