Jerusalem Analysis and PDEs seminar
Speaker: Michael Cwikel (Technion)
Title: A simple(?) geometric question with deep consequences for BMO
Date:  Thursday, May 10th, 2012.
Time:  14:00.
Place: Manchester 110.
I will pose and invite you to solve a seemingly rather simple
geometric/combinatoric question. My coauthors and I have discovered
that an affirmative answer to this question would have some very
interesting consequences in analysis. They relate to the very
important function space BMO (of functions of Bounded Mean
Oscillation). I will briefly describe BMO, and mention some of its
remarkable properties and connections with harmonic analysis and
complex analysis. Special cases of one of our results give
alternative proofs of the celebrated John-Nirenberg inequality for
BMO functions.
An affirmative answer to the above-mentioned question would lead to a
version of the John-Nirenberg inequality with dimension free
constants. A more extensive version of this abstract and a first
version of our detailed paper etc. are available at
This is joint work with Yoram Sagher and Pavel Shvartsman.
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