Mathematics colloquium
Speaker: Sagi Snir (Haifa University)
Title: Challenges in exact sciences in light of seminal breakthroughs
       in molecular biology
Time: Monday, Apri 30, 3:30 pm
Place: Amado 232, Technion
Abstract: The development of next generation sequencing (NGS)
techniques brought a total revolution in the life sciences and
directly related fields, such as medicine, biochemistry, bio-medical
engineering and so on. However, even distantly related fields like
mathematics, computer science and statistics are affected by the
advent of this technology.
Bioinformatic research uses novel approaches that employ
analytical tools to cope with problems of biological origin.
These problems range from classical problems such as drug
design, agricultural yield improvement, and so on, to modern
questions such as protein interactions, gene expression, and
meta genomics. This new field combines between exact science
disciplines as mathematics, statistics, computer science,
physics, and the disciplines from life and natural sciences.
While the bottleneck of bioinformatics at the end of the last
century was the form and pace of molecular data generation,
this has vastly changed in the last decade and in particular
in the last few years with the meteoric development of
sequencing techniques. Emphasis has shifted to finding
solutions to cope with this data flood and insightful use of
it to answer long standing questions.
In this talk I will give a brief review of the bioinformatics
field, describe development driven by NGS techniques and will
demonstrate an application employing advanced
computational/mathematical tools.
This talk assumes no background biology
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