University of Haifa Mathematics Colloquium
On Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 16:10 in room 570 of the Science &
Educ. Bldg,
 (note the special room) 
Elon Lindenstrauss,  Hebrew University 
will speak on
Homogeneous Dynamics and Diagonalizable Actions
Abstract:  Algebraic actions on quotient spaces of a group G by a
subgroup Gamma give highly interesting dynamical systems that are in
many cases intimately linked with number theory. One of the most
powerful ways to study these dynamical systems is to study the
collection of invariant probability measures.
Such a study forms the core of Ratner's landmark proof of the
Raghunathan conjecture regarding orbits of unipotent groups. Already
in the 1950's Cassels and Swinnerton Dyer observed (in a dual
language) that higher rank diagonal groups have interesting rigidity
properties which are still far from being understood. I will survey
the progress made in this direction, particularly regarding the
measure classification question, as well as the challenges that
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