Bar-Ilan University
(1st of two talks. See separate announcement of talk at 15:05)
Speaker: Prof. Rovenski Vladimir
University of Haifa
Date: Monday, April 16, 2012
Time: 14:00
Place: 2nd floor Colloquium Room, Building 216
Title: Flows of metrics on a fiber bundle
Let $(M^{n+p},g)$ be a closed Riemannian manifold, and $\pi: M\to B$
a smooth fiber bundle with compact and orientable $p$-dimensional
fiber $F$. Denote by $D_F$ ($D$) the distribution tangent
(orthogonal, resp.) to fibers.
We discuss conformal flows of the metric restricted to $D$ with the
speed proportional to
(i) the divergence of the mean curvature vector $H$ of $D$,
(ii) the mixed scalar curvature $Sc_{mix}$ of the distributions.
     (If $M$ is a surface, then $Sc_{mix}$ is the gaussian curvature
For (i), we show that the flow is equivalent to the heat flow of the
1-form dual to $H$, provided the initial 1-form is $D_F$-closed. We
use known long-time existence results for the heat flow to show that
our flow has a global solution $g_t$. It converges to a limiting
metric, for which $D$ is harmonic (i.e., $H=0$); actually under some
topological assumptions we can prescribe $H$.
For (ii) on a twisted product, we observe that $H$ satisfies the
Burgers type PDE, while the warping function satisfies the heat
equation; in this case the metrics $g_t$ converge to the product.
We consider illustrative examples of flows similar to (i) and (ii)
on a surface (of revolution), they yield convection-diffusion PDEs
for curvature of $D$-curves (parallels) and solutions -- non-linear
For $M$ with general $D$, we modify the flow (ii) with the help of a
measure of ``non-umbilicity" of $D_F$, and the integrability tensor
of $D$, while the fibers are totally geodesic. Let $\lambda_0$ be
the smallest eigenvalue of certain Schrödinger operator on the
fibers. We assume $H$ to be $D_F$-potential and show that
-- $H$ satisfies the forced Burgers type PDE;
-- the flow has a unique solution converging to a metric, for which
   and $H$ depends only on the $D$-conformal class of the initial
-- if $D$ had constant rate of ``non-umbilicity" on fibers, then the
limiting metric has the properties: $Sc_{mix}$ is quasi-positive, and
$D$ is harmonic.
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