Bar-Ilan Combinatorics Seminar
The next meeting of the seminar will take place, IYH,
(when)  Sunday, 23 Nisan (Apr. 15), 14:00-15:30  (right after Pesach)
(where) Room 201 (Math & CS Seminar Room), Building 216, Bar-Ilan
(who)    Moshe Cohen (Bar-Ilan University)
(what)   The width of the perfect matching graph for knots
A knot is a circle embedded in three-space, but we immediately
translate it into a bipartite graph Gamma following previous work of
the author. We consider the graph G of perfect matchings of this
graph Gamma, providing a combinatorial formula for the width of G. We
present several properties of Gamma and construct a partition of its
vertices into cycles that relate directly to G.
This work was inspired by a seminar talk by Roy Ben-Ari on part of
his Masters thesis under the supervision of Ron Adin and Yuval
This is joint work with Mina Teicher.
You are all invited! Graduate students are especially welcome.
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