The Department of Mathematics
              invites you to the
     25th Elisha Netanyahu Memorial Lecture
              to be presented by
        Professor Ronald R. Coifman
        of Yale University
 "Geometric Harmonic Analysis on High Dimensional Point Clouds"
 March 21, 17:00, Benjamin Auditorium (Sego 1)
 Sego Architecture Building
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Over the last 60 years, harmonic analysts have focused on
building special purpose geometries designed to
illuminate the properties and analysis of complex linear
operators. More recently, it has become apparent that
much of the theory developed by mathematicians in the
classical context, carries over to the organization of
massive databases, viewed as point clouds in high
dimensional Euclidean spaces or in matrices.
In this talk we will provide a synthetic non-technical
overview of a range of ideas from analysis, geometry,
graph theory and machine learning, which address the
transition from a local association model to a global
configuration map (analogous to Newtonian calculus).
We apply these ideas to organize and map out (in an
automatic and purely data driven fashion) music databases
of audio segments, psychological questionnaires, medical
profiles, physical data, financial data, and text
documents, as well as operator transforms.
We will relate these methods to ideas from classical
harmonic analysis and indicate tools to measure success
of information extraction. In particular, we introduce
methodologies that resemble signal processing on data
matrices, which enable functional regression, prediction,
denoising, compression, learning, and more.
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