Bar-Ilan Combinatorics Seminar
The first meeting of the seminar in Semester B will take place, IYH,
(when)  Sunday, 10 Adar (March 4), 14:00-15:30
(where) Room 201 (Math & CS Seminar Room), Building 216, Bar-Ilan
(who)   Zur Luria (Hebrew University)
(what)  Upper bounds on the number of Steiner triple systems and
A 1-factorization of the complete graph Kn is a partition of its
edges into n-1 perfect matchings. A Steiner triple system on [n] =
{1,...,n} is a collection T of triples such that each pair in [n] is
contained in a unique triple.
We will discuss the connections between these (and other) objects,
and present previously known bounds on their number. We'll prove that
the number of 1-factorizations of Kn is at most ((1+o(1))
n/e^2)^(n^2/2) and that the number of Steiner triple systems on [n]
is at most ((1+o(1)) n/e^2)^(n^2/6).
The proofs make use of information entropy.
Joint work with Nati Linial.
You are all invited! Graduate students are especially welcome.
Seminar organizer: Ron Adin   <> 
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