ALGEBRA SEMINAR
SPEAKER: Eli Aljadeff, Technion
TOPIC: On Hilbert series of relatively free G-graded algebras
DATE: Thursday, January 26, 2012
TIME: 13:30
PLACE: Amado 619

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Let G= {g_1,g_2,...,g_s} be a finite group (order s) and let
U=F< x_{g_1},...,x_{g_s}> be the free algebra (over F) generated by
variables indexed by elements of G. Here F is any field of characteristic
zero.  We consider a certain type of equivalence relations among monomials
(which we call informally  ``rules'') and let J be the ideal in U generated
by a set of ``rules''. We show that the Hilbert series of U/J
is a rational function. (Recall that the Hilbert series of U/J is the
series whose n-th coefficient is the dimension of the subspace of U/J
spanned by monomials of degree at most n. (Joint work with A. Kanel-Belov)
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