Hebrew University 
Amitsur Algebra Seminar
Time: Thursday, January 19, 12:00-13:15
Place: math 209
Speaker: Jean Lecureux
Title: Boundaries of buildings and amenability
Buildings are useful geometric objects that appear in the study of
semisimple p-adic groups, or  some other interesting classes of
groups, such as Kac-Moody groups. Roughly, they can be thought as an
analogue of symmetric spaces for such groups. With P-E Caprace, we
defined a new notion of a boundary for such buildings, which can be
thought as an analogue of the maximal Satake-Furstenberg
compactification of symmetric spaces. This boundary allows us to
classify amenable group acting on the building; it is also possible to
prove the amenability of the action on the boundary. After spending
some time to recall what buildings are and what they're good for, I
will explain the main features of this new boundary.
You are cordially invited!
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