(Special seminar.  Please note unusual day and time.)
TITLE:   Fast $\ell^1$-greedy algorithm for sparse solutions of
         underdetermined linear systems.
SPEAKER: Prof. Alexander Petukhov, University of Georgia, U.S.A.
DATE:    Monday, 16/1/2012, 13:30-14:30.
PLACE:   Amado 719.
ABSTRACT: The algorithms for finding sparse solutions of underdetermined
systems of linear equations will be compared. Among those algorithms
Orthogonal Greedy Algorithm, $\ell^1$ minimization, Re-weighted $\ell^1$
minimization, $\ell^1$-Greedy Algorithm will be discussed. We also present a
new fast algorithm combining ideas of fast implementation of OGA and
$\ell^1$-Greedy Algorithm. The algorithm basic constructive block is one
iteration of the standard interior-point linear programming algorithm. This
algorithm combines computational complexity close to plain
$\ell^1$-minimization with the efficiency of the sparse representations
recovery approaching to the efficiency of the $\ell^1$-greedy algorithm.
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