The University of Haifa at Oranim
                      OPEN POSITION
A tenure-track position in mathematics is open for the academic year
2012/2013 in the Department of Exact Sciences (Mathematics, Physics,
Computer-Science) of The University of
Haifa at Oranim (Tiveon) (Which is a part of the Faculty
of Natural Sciences - the University of Haifa).
Applicants from all areas of mathematics are expected to have a Ph.D.
in mathematics and to show a strong research record. A strong commitment
to and a proven experience in teaching are also expected. Adequate
control of Hebrew is necessary.
Applications, including CV and list of publications, a statement of
research interests and of teaching record should be sent to:
                         Professor Shlomo Reisner
                         Dept. of Mathematics
                         University of Haifa
                         Haifa, 31905
                         or (preferably) by e-mail to:
The applicant's responsibility is to arrange for three letters of
reference (relating, beside her/his research record, to her/his
teaching capacity) to be sent to the above address. The letters
can be sent by e-mail with a hard-copy following.
To be considered, applications should arrive by February 15 2012, but
the department reserves the right to send an offer before this date to
an appropriate candidate, so please do not delay.
For inquiries, contact S. Reisner at the e-mail address above. one is
also invited to visit the department's website (sorry, not fully
updated) at, link: Dept. of Sci. Education- Exact
POTENTIAL APPLICANTS (Like, e.g. your ex-students who are
currently on post-doc).
Please see the information for applicants at
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