Mathematics Colloquium
Speaker: Frol Zapolsky (LMU Munich)
Title: Quasi-states in classical mechanics and applications
Time: Monday, December 19, 3:30 pm
Place: Amado 232
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Abstract: Motivated by the axiomatic approach to quantum mechanics, we
introduce a certain type of non-linear functionals on the space of
observables in classical mechanics, called quasi-states. Quasi-states
exist on many symplectic manifolds (these are the phase spaces of
classical mechanics). It turns out that a slightly more general kind
of functionals, called partial quasi-states, exist on yet more
symplectic manifolds and are at the intersection of numerous
mathematical disciplines - functional analysis, optimization theory,
symplectic geometry, Riemannian geometry, and others. We explain how
the methods of symplectic geometry are used in order to construct such
functionals and present a few of their applications.
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