Tel Aviv University
Hello everyone,
The next colloquium talk will be held on Monday, 19/12/2011, 12:15,
Schreiber 006, Tel Aviv University. The speaker is
    Frol Zapolsky (LMU Munich)
and the title of his talk is
    Quasi-states in classical mechanics and applications
The abstract is given below. Tea and coffee at 12:00, same room.
Hope to see you there. For information about future colloqiua, see
You are all welcome to suggest colloquium speakers, especially for the end
of January and for the second semester.
Abstract: Motivated by the axiomatic approach to quantum mechanics, we
introduce a certain type of non-linear functionals on the space of
observables in classical mechanics, called quasi-states. Quasi-states exist
on many symplectic manifolds (these are the phase spaces of classical
mechanics). It turns out that a slightly more general kind of functionals,
called partial quasi-states, exist on yet more symplectic manifolds and are
at the intersection of numerous mathematical disciplines - functional
analysis, optimization theory, symplectic geometry, Riemannian geometry, and
others. We explain how the methods of symplectic geometry are used in order
to construct such functionals and present a few of their applications.
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