Tel Aviv University
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This week's Horowitz seminar will feature TWO speakers. 


Monday, December 12, 2011

We will start at 14:10 sharp with Alexandre Stauffer from Microsoft
Research who will speak for the first hour. Then, after a short
break, we will continue with  Tom Ellis  from Tel Aviv 
University speaking for the second hour. We will end at 16:00.
Meeting place is room 309 as usual.
Stauffer title: Space-time percolation and detection by mobile nodes.
Abstract: See separate announcement.

Ellis title:  The Brownian web is a two dimensional black noise.

The Brownian web is a stochastic process constructed from Brownian
motions, and was one of the first known examples of a "black noise"
in the sense of Tsirelson. I will discuss what it means to be a black
noise, and demonstrate how the Brownian web is in fact a
two-dimensional black noise. It is only the second known example of a
two-dimensional black noise after Schramm and Smirnov's result on the
scaling limit of critical planar percolation.
Joint work with Ohad Feldheim. 
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