Hebrew University
Amitsur Algebra Seminar
Time:     Thursday, Nov. 24, 12:00-13:15
Place:    Math 209
Speaker:  Nikolai Gordeev (University of Bielefeld/St.Petersburg
                          Pedagogical University)
Title:    Around S. Kleiman's Transversality Theorem



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Let $G\leq GL(V)$ be an algebraic group. In this talk we discuss
connections between the following topics: summation of orbits $O_1
+\cdots +O_k$ of $G$ in $V$; decomposition of $G$ into sets $G\cap
P_1g P_2$ where $P_1gP_2$ is a double coset of a pair of parabolic
subgroups of $GL(V)$; the natural action of $G$ on the product of
Grassmannians $G(k,n)\times G(l,n)$, where $k,l\leq n= \dim V$, and
an analogue of the S.~Kleiman "Transversality Theorem".
You are cordially invited!
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