Department of Mathematics     University of Haifa
 Speaker: Jean Lecureux, Technion
 Title:   Buildings, old and new
 Date:    Tuesday, November 22, 2011
 Place:   Room 614 of the Science & Education Building, Univ. of Haifa
 Time:    4:10
Buildings were invented by Jacques Tits. His goal was at that time to
study simple Chevalley groups: the mere fact that they always act on a
building enables one to deduce interesting properties of these groups.
For example, Tits proved that these groups are abstractly simple.
Another important feature of these buildings is that they are very
rigid, which turns out to be useful in more geometric contexts.
Later on, Bruhat and Tits discovered that other kind of buildings were
associated to algebraic groups over p-adic fields. Roughly, these
buildings can be seen as an analogue of symmetric spaces in the study
of Lie groups. A more recent point of view on building is to reverse
the situation: the geometry of a building being given, what kind of
groups may act on it ? The groups obtained in this way share many
properties with algebraic groups.
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