Tel Aviv University
Hello everyone,
The next colloquium talk will be held on Monday, 21/11/2011, 12:15,
Schreiber 006, Tel Aviv University. The speaker is
    Jonathan Breuer (Hebrew University)
and the title of his talk is
    The Christoffel-Darboux Kernel and Its Applications to Universality and
to Level Spacings for Jacobi Matrices
His abstract is given below. Tea and coffee at 12:00, same room.
Hope to see you there. For information about future colloqiua, see
You are all welcome to suggest colloquium speakers, especially for January
and for the second semester.
Abstract: Given a probability measure mu on the real line, the
Christoffel-Darboux (CD) kernel is the kernel of the projection in L^2(mu)
onto the subspace of polynomials of degree less than n. As well as playing a
fundamental role in random matrix theory, it is extremely useful in the
study of the spacings of zeros of the orthogonal polynomials for mu. After
discussing some of its basic properties, the talk will review the topics
described above, with an emphasis on recent results and open problems.
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