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for a joint Technion-Erasmus workshop that will take place in

 "Optimization Methods Applied to Operations Research
and Engineering", 

20-24 November. 

Students that wish to attend the meeting are required to
register before the deadline of November 10, please see the
details in the announcement. Note that there is only a limited
amount of spaces, please register as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
Amir Beck
Prof. Amir Beck
Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management
Technion, Haifa
URL:  <>
Joint Technion  Erasmus Workshop
Optimization Methods Applied to
Operations Research and Engineering
Ein.Gedi Hotel,
Dead Sea
November 20.23, 2011
Organizing institutes:
Department Of Industrial Engineering and Management Technion,
Erasmus School of Economics Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Aims and Scopes
Mathematical Optimization plays a central role in engineering and operations research,
witnessing new emerging methodologies, novel algorithmic schemes and widespread
applications in a variety of areas such as machine learning, structural optimization, signal
processing, inventory control, transportation networks and more . many of which could not
be tackled until recently. The school will offer a coverage of these developments by a group
of renowned scientists from the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty at the
Technion (Israel) and the Erasmus Business School (Netherland)
Joint Technion  Erasmus Workshop
School Faculty
Amir Beck (Technion) , Aharon Ben.Tal (Technion), Jan Brinkhius (Erasmus),
Rommert Dekker (Erasmus), Elad Hazan (Technion), Michal Penn (Technion),
Uriel Rothblum (Technion), Marc Teboulle (Tel.Aviv University)
School Structure
Lectures by the school faculty and several short students' presentations.
The school starts on Monday morning and ends at Wednesday noon. Participants are
expected to arrive before Sunday evening, Nov. 20.
No registration fee is required; lodgings and meals are fully covered by the school.
Since the number of participants is limited, early registration is required. Deadline for
applications is November 10.
To register, send an e.mail to Amir Beck  <,> containing the following
1. Full name and address (private and institutional) with phone/fax number/email
2. Name and affiliation of supervisor of diploma thesis or dissertation
3. Brief outline of interest in the summer school (professional skills in optimization,
   research projects, ...)
4. A title of a 20 minutes presentation of a seminar (optional).
5. Arrival and departure data (date and time , flight numbers if available)
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