Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
                      Department of Mathematics
DATE: Tuesday, 1/11/2011
SPEAKER: Elio Espejo, Technion
TITLE: Sharp Condition for blow-up and global existence in a two
species chemotactic Keller-Segel system in R^2 and open
questions related with simultaneous blow-up      
PLACE: Room 814, Amado Mathematics Building, Technion
TIME: 14:30
ABSTRACT: For the Keller-Segel model, it was conjectured by
Childress and Percus that in a two-dimensional domain there
exists a critical number C such that if the initial mass is
strictly less than C, then the solution exists globally in time
and if it is strictly larger than C blowup happens. For
different versions of the Keller-Segel model, the conjecture has
essentially been proved. The case of several chemotactic species
introduces an additional question: What is the analogue for the
critical mass obtained for the single species system?  In this
talk, we discuss for a two-species model for chemotaxis in 2 the
conditions on the initial data, which determine blowup or global
existence in time. Finally, we will consider the problem of
simultaneous and  non-simultaneous blow-up for the case of
two-species model for chemotaxis.
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